FTC Team 8365 Gearmasters

Gear stands for “Get Excited About Robots”. FIRST Tech Challenge Team #8365 Gearmasters is a community based robotics team consisting of 8 members based in Queens, New York City. Known for wearing bright orange shirts and Adidas track pants, and using a more than sufficient amount of orange duct tape, the Gearmasters was created in 2014 for the FIRST Tech Challenge 2014 game, Cascade Effect. The Gearmasters was once a small team of 3 members and has now grown to become more diverse with eight members from 9-12th grade hailing from different nationalities and schools.

The team advanced to the NYC Championship the past two years and have won the Inspire award at the Qualifier and the Control award at the Championship They are active in the Queens and Boy Scouts community with members mentoring and coaching other teams. The Gearmasters annually run mock tournaments and STEM Robotics Workshops educating scouts from the Boy Scouts of America and students from NYC Public Schools, where participants learn how to program, build and drive robots.