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Barney Stacher

Barney is a Sales and Business Development Strategist with 25+ years of experience in directing business initiatives in sales, marketing, brand, and product strategy. In the first phase of his career in the Hospitality Industry Barney learned the art of identifying opportunity and anticipating need, rising to the level of Food and Beverage Director with Hyatt Hotels. In the second phase, Barney built an expertise in retail and wholesale sales, merchandising and branding, as Sales Manager and Buyer with Macy's Corporation, launching and operating a successful independent sales agency, and then, as Director and VP of Sales with two consumer goods companies.

This combined experience led to the launch 20+ years ago of Barney’s eponymous consulting practice serving manufacturers, retailers, and brands. Stacher & Stacher is product and channel agnostic and its clients are diverse... what they all share in common is their need for an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy collaborator with an understanding of the strategy and tactics needed to build their sales and distribution.